About Native Ferments TX

Native Ferments TX is a Dallas based food company focused on creating complex flavored pickles and ferments using seasonal produce from Texas farms. 

In2016, Native Ferments TX founder, Jessica Alonzo was first introduced to pickling and fermentation while working as a line cook at a fine dining restaurant in Dallas. She quickly found herself fascinated with the history and endless preservation techniques as she began to delve into her research. Jessica has staged in California and attended fermentation workshops in New York and Austin. Using the knowledge she learned from those workshops, on the job training and her own research, she has worked hard to build an extensive understanding of fermentation and it’s health benefits.

Whole utilization plays a big role in her approach to fermentation as it pushes her to find new and inventive ways to preserve. Inspired by traditional techniques from various cultures, she enjoys making those techniques her own and strives to apply them to locally sourced ingredients. 


Petra and the Beast Sous Chef Gets Funky With Fermentation

Jessica Alonzo's Native Ferments is part pickling school, part pantry shop, and entirely for nerdy aficionados and funk newbies alike.

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Up Your Culinary Game With These Locally Made Virtual Cooking Classes

Brush up on your trussing skills or learn to butcher a whole hog. Foster your fermenting techniques or ghee-making prowess.

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Petra and the Beast sous chef to launch Native Ferments shop

Chef Jessica Alonzo is selling fermented goods, kits and virtual workshops.

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Conversations with the Inspiring Jessica Alonzo

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